“Create hand crafted brass and woodwind musical instruments that are the true definition of industry excellence”

Blow Monkey’s competitive edge is based on its unique approach to instrument design and manufacture, which includes: -

• 100% hand crafted instruments, using first class materials with each individual part designed and made on site.
• Engineering concepts, developed in a creative partnership between the instrument designer and highly renowned professional musicians. This enables each player to have their own unique sound and portrays their passion through their music.
• An obsessive focus on the delivery of improved sound, ergonomics and build quality.

DW Horns - Woodwind Range...

DW Horns

Ulysses - Brass Range...

Ulysses Brass Range

Legacy 21 - Trumpet Ranges...

Legacy21 Range

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Latest Update

January 2017

Blow Monkey Instruments supports Geneva Group to launch the Woodwind DW Horn / Ulysses Brass / Legacy 21 trumpet, ranges at the world famous NaMM 2017 - Jan 19-22 - Ahanheim Convention Center - Ahaheim, California

geneva group