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Dave Walker
Head of Technical Design at Geneva Group and Co-founder of Blow Monkey Instruments Ltd.

His design philosophy is focused around the creation of brass and woodwind instruments that transform the current standards for sound, ergonomics and build quality. Dave has over 35 years’ experience as the owner of a music instrument business in the North of England, specialising in the repair and sale of brass and woodwind instruments. His vast client base includes professional musicians from all over the world in all genres. His main passion is for Jazz, Funk and Hip Hop.

He quotes “When Geneva Group acquired their factory in Europe, I was able to realise my life-long obsession/ambition to create and manufacturer instruments that can be designed and developed in close collaboration with the very best musicians. Our products are quite literally the creative fusion of excellent engineering and the performing genius of the artists and musicians we work with”.


His new saxophone has been developed over the past five years in a unique partnership between the music genius of Pete Wareham, Shabaka Hutchins and Edgar Jones; with all three artists recording their latest albums using their new horns and giving them their own unique sound.

What the Endorsers Say -

“ Having recorded the same track with both horns, the new one is dramatically better.” Shabaka Hutchins - Comet is Coming

“ At last I sound like myself. There is no limit as to what these saxophones will allow you to do in terms of tone. They are effortless to play.” Pete Wareham - Polar Bear & Melt Yourself Down

“ The richness of tone is really something beautiful and unique, never heard that anywhere else except in some old horns.” Edgar Jones.

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Latest Update

January 2017

Blow Monkey Instruments supports Geneva Group to launch the DW Horn range at the world famous NaMM 2017 - Jan 19-22 - Ahanheim Convention Center - Ahaheim, CA

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