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    Outstanding, precision engineering. Having modern concepts and designs combined with over 100 years of craftsmanship. Creating a full and distinctive sound.

    DW Tenor width=

    The "Yellow Back" and "Red Back" Tenor Saxophone by Blow Monkey.....

    All models in the range have been designed to produce an authentic vintage sound, combined with cutting edge approach to modern ergonomic design and projection.

    The crook has been developed to give a well focused centred tone, but when pushed, rewards you with the richness and impact of the "big old American sound"

    DW Tenor width=

    All of our instruments are made from the highest European brass.

    The in-lacquered models, as you would expect, develop a bigger warmer sound over the first 3 months of playing. The quality of the brass will also mean they quickly achieve a desired vintage look.

    Perfect intonation and bigger bore than most other modern saxophones, provide an equal full tone throughout the instruments range.

    DW Tenor width=

    All models include

    Hand hammered body with a one piece construction (design Copyright 2016) with a soldered stack to bell joint creates more resonance.

    Gold plated springs, Stainless steel screws and rods, Black Kangaroo skin pads with domed metal reflectors.

    Hand engraved by our in house engraver who takes inspiration from the Czech artist "Mucha".

    DW Tenor width=
    DW Tenor width=

    Hand finished ergonomically designed key work with double raced lower keys.

    Nickel rods on all long keys making it light and strong. Separate soldered posts.

    Under 7 pounds in weight "all in", wire eyebrow key guards, nickel neck receiver with one piece screw "tone enhancer", mini ball constructed octave key work (design Copyright 2016) with NO play and will never wear, flat plated front F for a positive feel, screw in Bis key plate with flat and dome alternative, A to Bb key adjuster, teardrop side top E/C/Bb for ease of use, nickel touch pieces on low Eb/C.

    The new design thumb hook (design Copyright 2016) is designed to eliminate any pressure points on the thumb. In addition, because the contact between the thumb hook and the main body is minimal, thus improving the resonance and response of the whole saxophone.

    DW saxophone width=
    DW saxophone width=

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    Latest Update

    January 2017

    Blow Monkey Instruments supports Geneva Group to launch the Woodwind DW Horn / Ulysses Brass / Legacy 21 trumpet, ranges at the world famous NaMM 2017 - Jan 19-22 - Ahanheim Convention Center - Ahaheim, California

    geneva group